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Virtual LH is a Virtual Airline,

     Virtual LH was originally founded in November of 2013 with the aim of creating an environment friendly to all users regardless of experience. We at Virtual LH want to create the opportunity for all to learn and enjoy an airline simulation experience. However, things didn't go as planned and Virtual LH failed.

     In 2015, the Director of Virtual LH returned with a dream of starting over. This time we'd make Virtual LH bigger, better, and stronger than ever before. After months of planning, we've finally reached the point where the rubber meets the road. Today, Virtual LH has the goal of being the best Virtual Airline in the world. 

     Virtual LH. There's no better way to fly!

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FlightOperated byΑναχώρησηΆφιξηAircraftLanding VSDistanceΏρες Πτήσης
3S49620  EDDF  KATL B77F-289.12 4053 08:24
EW76420  EDDK  LSZH B738-236.07 274 00:48
3S91020  EDDP  EDDF B77F-221.46 169 00:34
LH5220  EDDF  EDDV A321-290.66 235 00:36
3S534A20  EDDF  VTBS B77F-362.17 5272 10:05
LH98020  EIDW  EDDF A319-272.21 682 01:30
LH29820  EDDF  LIMF A320-634.38 339 01:40
3S49720  KATL  EDDF B77F-65.36 4111 07:52
LH98020  EDDF  EIDW A319-169.17 718 02:01
EW75620  EDDK  LOWW A319-216.84 440 01:37
Πτήσεις Τακτικές 928
Συνολικές ώρες: 3421:19
Πτήσεις Charter 0
% Πτήσεις Τακτικές 100.00 %

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 Johnny (DLH101) Staff 17:02

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