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How to Book Flights

How to Book Flights

VirtualLH has 1600+ routes in our system.  There are a few ways to discover and book flights.

Simple Flight Bookings

After logging into VirtualLH you will be sent to your pilot area which will tell you the current location of your pilot. In the example below Cody is at EDDF/Frankfurt


Start by selecting Book a Flight from the left menu.  This page will contain all of the possible flights you can do from the airport you are at, with the fleet available at that airport. If there is no fleet at the airport that you want to fly from please contact staff.  


Select a flight to book with the arrow on the right side of the flight:


Next you will be presented a page with the available airplanes that can fly the route. Ideally you would want to select the most appropriate airplane that you have available in your sim. You can however select any airplanes from the website at this stage, and substitute another airplane when you get into the simulator.  Please make sure the airplane you book, and the airplane you use in the simulator are similar in size.  If you are not sure which airplanes are comparable please reach out to the staff.  

Continue by selecting an airplane using the Book Route button.


Your confirmation page will show up and look like this:


From here you are done with the website and can continue to the next section (How to Perform a Flight).  There is also a bridge to SimBrief to plan a route/fuel.  

Extra tools

On the website there are a few tools you can use to find a flight.

Operations - Fleet

On the left bar you can select Operations and go to the Fleet page.  This is the master list of all the airplanes at VirtualLH, their current location, and status.


Operations - Routes

This page is very handy. It has all 1600+ routes for VirtualLH.  You can filter the routes by using the text prompts in the top to help you narrow flights be a location.  Then using the browsers search function (Ctrl+F) you can search further.


Jump Seat/Move Pilot

Have a flight you want to do elsewhere? No Problem!   You are allowed to move you pilot without penalty.   Go to  Pilot Actions - Change Location and type in the 4 character ICAO of the airport you want to go to.

*NOTE … there might not be any fleet or routes at all airports.  Please use the Fleet and Routes pages to make sure airplanes and routes are available.