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How to Perform a Flight

Flying using SimACARS

Now that ACARS is installed, and you have booked your flight on you are now ready for flight.

Launch into your simulator as normal and setup your flight.

At the moment you are ready for pushback you can launch and start the ACARS and start the flight using these steps:

1 - Open SimACARS using the shortcut made earlier in the install instructions or by navigating you your SimACARS folder and double clicking on SimACARS.exe

2 – Log into VirtualLH by selecting Virtual LH in the Virtual Airline dropdown menu and clicking Login


3 - You will receive a prompt with the flight you have booked, Click YES  



4 – Optional:  Insert your Route  and any other information.  
The Other Information is a good place to note if you had to use another airplane then the one booked.
Select your Network (VATSIM/IVAO/Offline/Other)  


5 -  Click “Start Track”    if everything is working right with FSUIPC/XPUIPC  the connection light will turn Green/Connected //  you can now return to your simulator and fly


6 -  Durring the flight, you will notice the “Flight Data”  tab will show some relevant information.  

It is important to note here that this platform is not compatible with some airplanes, and from time to time Critical Events will be logged.  

At VirtualLH we do not look into these events and you will not be docked by any means for a critical event.


7 -  Once you have landed and shut down engines,  return to the ACARS and file the report by doing the following:

       - Click “End Flight”

       - Wait for the landing summary, and then click Send Report and Disconnect once the Report is sent