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VirtualLH Tours

Every month VirtualLH will strive to provide a new Tour.  A tour is a grouping of flights based on a theme.  Pilots will have so much time to do the flights in order to earn a pilot award.

What tours are available to me?  

To see the list of tours currently offered go to Operations – Tours on the left bar at

Please note this list will show all the tours (Past and Present) so pay attention to the dates listed.

How do I sign up? Where do I start?

Sign up is not necessary. Go to the information about the tour you wish to participate in by going to Operations – Tours on the left bar on  Click in the Info icon on the tour you wish to participate.    This page will provide all the information about the flights (where to start/what flight number/ suggested route).

Next you will need to move your pilot to the starting airport.  This can be done in the Pilots Actions / Change Location.  

Select the first flight by using Book Flight  and fly the flight as per normal.

Submit your ACARS report.

Finally,  log back into and go to  Pilot Actions – Report Tour Leg  and select the tour and leg you have flown.