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Known issues with acars

SimACARS Issues

SimACARS is a key tool for VirtualLH to work. However, like all software applications it is prone to crashing and or hiccups from time to time.  

Issue 1: I forgot to End Flight

In these circumstances you will need to re-do the flight.   The only exceptions to these are for tour flights and flights longer than 6 hours.  Please contact staff for dealing with this.

Issue 2:  I Ended the flight but forgot to Send Report.

Re-launch SimACARS

Log into VirtualLH
Click NO to the import a flight popup

Go to the Logbook tab

Find the flight in the list and click Report Paper Plane Icon

Issue 3:  SimACARS Crashed in flight

Re-launch SimACARS

Log into VirtualLH
Click YES to the import a flight popup

Start Track.

Let staff know after you have landed and submitted the ACARS report and your hours can be adjusted.

Issue 4:  Why are there so many Critical Flight Errors?

As you can imagine there are so many new airplanes from all sorts of developers.  The data pull into SimACARS via FSUIPC/XPUIPC will not always be consistent.

What might be logo lights in a cockpit could translate as landing lights in ACARS.   This is why VirtualLH does not use this data on approving/rejecting flights.