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NOTAM NameTransfer Hours
NOTAM Creation Date2020-04-16
NOTAM Publish Date2020-04-16

Rules Update.

With input from staff we have made the following change to the rules  (Seen here with respect to Transfer Hours. 

We suspect some of you will want to have transfers made and or existing transfers adjusted as per these new rules -  please READ these new rules and note that for the time being you can send an email to [email protected] with the required documentation and we will try to get these done as time permits. We will make a queue and get them done as soon as we can so please have patience with us. 

Rule Update:  Section 3 - Pilot Rank and Promotion Process

Transfer Hours:   Virtual LH will use the following guideline with respect to Transfer hours.

-> Transfers are only allowed from other Virtual Airlines. We love VATSIM/IVAO however we will not accept hours from them as transfer.

-> To request a transfer of hours, a screenshot including the web address bar, your name and hours from the virtual airline, and the taskbar with clock visible must be taken and sent to  [email protected]

-> Transfers of less than 25 hours will not be accepted

-> Transfers of 25 to 50 hours will be accepted and a pilot will be assigned the rank of either First Officer (25-49.9 hours) or Captain at 50+ hours

-> Transfer of over 50 hours will be accepted verbatim however the pilots rank will remain at Captain and the promotion to Senior Captain and above will be done on hours flown with VirtualLH only.  

-> Real World Commercial Pilots - Showing proof of your commercial pilot log we will take all of your hours and set you as a Training Captain right away. We also would appreciate allowing us to set your Discord profile as a real-world pilot to show off your experience so that others may ask a question for learning.