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NOTAM NameApril 2020 Update
NOTAM Creation Date2020-05-01
NOTAM Publish Date2020-05-01

NOTAM: 2020-05-01

Another month is here my friends and DAMN what a high note to end last month on!! 


You all … are the best!!!!!   There is simply no other way to say it! 


Other broken records are, most flights in one day with April 30 at 32, and most concurrent flights April 29 with 11.



So May is here and what are we looking forward to?

-  The repatriation schedule is here as well as the repatriation tour!  Get those rotations in to get your tour badge and light our schedule up in Blue! 

- The leading crew of the Around the World in 80 legs tour has just hit leg 21-23 meaning we are more then 25% of the way done.  I will continue to fly on Sunday’s at 11:30z and those who are catching up are welcome to Join and or blow past and get it done :D   These flights light the schedule up in yellow!

- Fly With Me Episode 100 airs this Saturday at 1300z!    100 episodes is no easy task and Johnny/myself would like to thank everyone who watches and laughs at us :D     After episode 100 we are going to break the playlist into a new playlist for FlyWithMe 101 – 200.  The youtube channel is found here:


House Keeping:

Did you know that the 2 biggest draws of new pilots to Virtual LH are Google Search and   Its true!   Did you also know that we had so many votes at one time last month that 2 other VA’s came to complain? Also true, thankfully the admins at VA-List did not find any suspicious votes!    

So the same as last month, please vote for us at after you vote, use #the-bot-room command !vote to get your VLH-Voter  role! 



And finally, Pilot of the Month – April …    this one was REALLY hard as there was many options for the staff to choose from so we had fall back onto flight hours and the big bad winner this month was DLH344-Christian!      Christian made it clear his goal this month was to get up to 100 hours overall to become a Senior Captain and he made it today! Christian ended the month with 73 hours!  He is also on the 80 Leg World Tour and you can find all his adventures in #sim-screenshots on discord. 
Congratulations Senior Captain Christian!

To everyone:   Good Flights,  Stay Safe, Have fun