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NOTAM NameMajor Booking Update
NOTAM Creation Date2020-05-06
NOTAM Publish Date2020-05-06

NOTAM:  2020-05-06

Its been a long time coming and its finally here!  Johnny’s brain and our network of programming contacts worldwide have helped us to pull together this most requested feature!


Do not adjust your screens when booking flights …   you are seeing the ENTIRE fleet for flights available at ALL airports :D   The most requested feature on the list at Virtual LH is done and ready.  Its been on the request list since before I signed up as a pilot and has been requested over 20 times according to the change request log!!  No more needing staff to move airplanes although we will miss it!!


What’s New:

  • The booking module will now display all routes at your current airport even if there is no airplane currently there (Example CYVR)


  • When you pick a flight, the entire fleet for the route on that flight that is not booked will show up (IE CYVR – DLH493/B744)
    *Note airplanes highlighted in Green are at their Hub airport*


  • Book the rest of the flight as normal.



Because of this different logic the “Fleets” page (Operations Fleet - will no longer accurately show the current location of booked airplanes.   Example:   the B744 I booked was last flown to EDDM but now booked at CYVR:


Please note the fleets are first come/first serve so please don’t expect to always have the same tail number for flights as someone can book that tail elsewhere.



Our rules page has been updated! Please take time now to review all the updated rules. Attention to this new rule driven by the new booking logic:

May 2020:  booking logic has been changed to show all flights available at the pilot’s current airport.  Under no circumstance will a pilot fly specialty tour routes (ZAT/ZWT) without being apart of the tour.  Randomly booking a specialty tour flight will result in the PIREP being deleted and a warning.   Tours must be flown from leg 1 in chronological order.  


Consider yourself warned! And enjoy the new booking logic!!

Cody, Johnny and Michel!