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NOTAM NameJune Update
NOTAM Creation Date2020-06-01
NOTAM Publish Date2020-06-01

Hallo Everyone!

Happy 1st of June

Let’s get right to the point for this month!   Virtual LH is growing and we could not be more excited for this next chapter in our airline. 

On discord our users got a teaser video showcasing our next step as an airline and its finally here! 


So what is it!?   

Long answer - Virtual LH had maxed out our airline possibilities being exclusively Lufthansa Group based…  we were even pushing it by adding SunExpress which is like a 50% partnership in 1 part of the airline but hey we got MANY B737’s out of the deal… So where could we go from here? 

Short answer -   Star Alliance!


I would like to thank DLH191 – Kiran for donating access to some schedules he had purchased on another adventure.  We came together as staff and asked our Discord users if we should add another airline.  It was a 60/40 split favoring yes and after some tough discussions we did decided the best way forward would be Star Alliance. In the donated schedules the only airline matching our criteria was ANA – All Nippon Airways.

At the time of writing the new airline has just been added and you can see it now at  giving us a total of 4941 routes and 1064 airplanes

ANA brings us 18 new fleet types including some more of the Airbus 32x series and 2 new A380’s.  We have significantly more Boeing airplanes by adding the 737-500 and 737-700, and Cargo B767. The best part is we have mostly every variant of the Boeing 777 (772/773/77L/77W) and most exciting is all 3 variants of the B787 (8/9/X). 


To help discover our new airline we are introducing the “Konnichiwa ANA & Star Alliance” tour found here
It is 7 short legs to see the cool spots on the island of Japan, and a quick trip out to VHHH and back. 

And that is it!   Welcome ANA!!!


To answer the next question upfront – no, the staff is not planning on any additional airlines to be added in the near future – so please make the most out of ANA :D 


Pilot of the month – May

In April we had a close race between 2 pilots and the staff had to make a choice based on flight hours.  This month was no question that DLH191 – Kiran will be the pilot of the month.  He not only did he bring the new ANA schedules but he also made a tour (Kiran’s Cargo Around the World) and has been an ambassador for Virtual LH.  Congratulations Kiran and thanks so much for your dedication.



The month of April was our best ever with 649 flights!     In May we did not succeed 649 but we were pretty dang close with 564 ..  Thanks to all of you who fly with us for this.






Are you no longer flying with us?

I was really excited when our 300th member signed up this month. A short year ago we were around 50 pilots of which maybe 5 were consistently flying.  The growth spurt we had was simply amazing and we are so happy to have our current baseline of pilots who constantly fly with us. You guys are amazing and some of you are becoming the best of friends on our Discord ( – it’s amazing to watch and be apart of!   

But my head is not under a rock … and I fully realize the real numbers.  At present we have 300 signed up pilots … but the reality is about 58% of those (175) have never actually flown a single flight with us.  Further another 13 have not flown since prior to June 2019.   So, in that perspective Virtual LH is actually 112 pilots active.  And you know what … I think that is pretty awesome still!  

If you are one of the 188 that have not flown, or have not been with us in the last year please I beg you to give us another shot!  However, if you have received this email and want your account terminated please reply to this email and we will make sure you are properly removed.  Starting in July we will start the process of pruning out the inactive pilots to make sure our numbers reflect the reality.  Thanks so much :D


Some Personal News

In 22 short days my Fiancé and I will be married in a heavily modified (thanks COVID-19) wedding.  We had changed from having 30 people in our backyard to having a “Drive in Movie” wedding where our guests will pull up to our place, stay in their cars, and watch the ceremony!    We even got an FM transmitter for the full effect! 

So, with this said, those who interact with me on Discord will notice an absence starting around June 15th until June 23rd.   While I am away the lovely and talented Johnny and Michel will be keeping things on the rails.


That’s it for now, enjoy the new airline and I will see you all in the virtual skies!

Cody - DLH145 - VirtualLH CEO

PS if you can vote for us at VA-List I will buy you a beer! 
(Legal warning - you must come to Southern Ontario, Canada to collect the beer :D )