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NOTAM NameNew CEO Update
NOTAM Creation Date2019-09-15
NOTAM Publish Date2019-09-15

NOTAM:  September 15-2 - CEO’s Update


Hello Friends!  

Through a comedy of errors, discussions, and back and forth, I have somehow agreed to take on the role of CEO.  First thing, I would like to thank Hudson for his service as CEO.  Hudson will stay on as a pilot and you can always find him flying on IVAO!  (9000 Hours as a pilot!  Simply amazing)


My staff team remains the same:  Johnny as our Passenger President and Webmaster, and Paulo as the Cargo President (#AerologicalTourHappeningNow).


So, what is next, what is the vision? 

Our core goal will always remain the same, we want to be a place that represents the Lufthansa Group of airlines. We want to make sure our Fleet is as close as possible to the real deal, to have as many of the routes as possible, and to be a fun place for pilots to fly.

  • One action we will be working on is the amendment of our rules ( that I personally found in many of the VA’s I looked at in my time as a virtual pilot was that some rules were really blown out of proportion. The goal again to be a fun place to fly! We will be relaxing the time between flights requirement and updating our Ranks structure.The original rules guide was written when P3D was still new as a flight sim and X-plane was just starting as well, our plan will be to refine the acceptable landing rates to be a bit more relaxed given that XP11 can be a bit more brutal (#DamnRunwaysOnHills).
  • Trying to capture new pilots and retention.We have this really scary trend that we have noticed in the last year.People join, they log in once, then we never see them again.I suspect most of this might be a combination of the rules that we are updating above, and the rank structure.But more importantly might be the lack of a simple “how to Virtual LH” and a clear definition of what a pilot should expect out of VirtualLH.I hope to make things simpler and clearer.
  • Events.We have had some great success with the tours.We will continue to program and provide interesting and fun tours. Something we wanted to start doing was to program some online events. We can do something with the tour, or nominate a flight to go perform as a team. VATSIM provides many great events and where possible we will try to program events around them..Cross the Pond is coming up soon and (hopefully) the new audio codec <3
  • General Improvements:We will continue to find ways to make it better for the pilots. We take all suggestions seriously and will do our best to make them reality. Ideas being looked at right now are new ways to make the schedule search a bit deeper to help find flights by departure, fleet type, flight time, etc.
  • Backend Improvements:The staff at VirtualLH love our VAM infrastructure. However, that infrastructure has not been updated in a long time (Dec 2016).We will remain on VAM for the foreseeable future however will look at the alternative options.The reason for possibly improving this will be to have better ACARS software’s that are more user friendly, and can provide deeper details on our flights.
  • Finally, I have been pushing really hard to get more of our Pilots on Discord.Our Discord server is a great place to talk about almost anything, and has new channels with flight sim news, streamer notifications, and youtube information.


In closing, I want to thank everyone of you who have been active here at Virtual LH – we do take notice of our active pilots :D
- Those who have been flying, please keep up the great work, with every hour you log on the schedule we grow and grow! 
- Those of you who are streamers and like to stream your adventures …  yes! .. you are awesome! 
- Those of us who are on Youtube showing off our flights … thank so much!

Please remember, Virtual LH is a free to use Virtual Airline and will always remain that way. The staff work very hard to keep the schedules and fleet up to date by hand, and we pay out of our own pockets for the domain and webservice.  All we would like in return for that effort is to have a big community of pilots flying with us! 


Thanks so much, All the best, More updates to come!

Cody -  DLH145