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Updated:  October 2019

Disclaimer:  “Virtual LH” is a Virtual Airline that aims to be a friendly place for pilots (regardless of skill level) to carry out simulations of the real world flights.  We offer a route database, fleet, and reporting software to plan and perform flights. The most important thing to the staff is for our pilots to have fun, and enjoy our community.  The following rules are mandatory and serve as a guideline for staff and pilots. The CEO holds the final responsibility for the upholdment of these rules and can change them at anytime with email notice to our community.  All sections below come with instructions and how-to’s on our website to help you get started. 


Section 1 - Signup and Setup

  • What is required to perform flights: 

    • Microsoft Flight Simulator (2004, FSX) with the FSUIPC addon OR X-plane 10/11 with XPUIPC Addon. 

    • A free ACARS software is required/available for download which requires an active internet connection to work. A tutorial is available to setup and use the software. 

    • As with real life flying a proficiency of English as a language will help. We are proud to have a helpful community of pilots who speak English, Portuguese, Korean and German who are willing to help you in your native language. 

    • Most importantly a great attitude and willingness to learn is always appreciated.

  • Sign Up at VirtualLH requires a new pilot to take an entrance exam. Passing grade for the exam is 70% or 70/100 points.  Pilots are allowed to take the exam again should they fail. If special accommodations are needed please reachout to the staff at ( or on Discord.

  • New Pilots have 60 days to file their first flight plan. Staff will attempt to contact you to help during these initial days.  A final warning will be given at 60 days with account termination 5 days later.

  • Although it's not mandatory we really strongly ask that pilots to sign up for Discord and log into the VirtualLH server. It's the best way to connect with other pilots and hear from the staff/CEO.   Discord Link:


Section 2 -  Flying with us

  • After your initial flight we ask that pilots maintain at least 1 flight per year. Pilots who have not flown after 1 year will get a warning from the staff and eventual account termination. Once an account has been deleted there is no way to recover the hours/flight log should that pilot renew their account. 

    • Of course life happens, pilots are allowed to request a Leave of Absence. To do this, please reach out to the staff at ( or on Discord.

  • We require our pilots to use the provided SimACARS software for logging and reporting flights. Instructions on how to setup and use the software are available in our “How to VirtualLH” section. 

    • It is possible to submit a “Manual PIREP” however we only accept these in extreme circumstances. You must reach out to staff for instructions on how to do this.

  • Routes/Flights have a designated aircraft type assigned. This is the preferred aircraft type and we ask that you try to stick with that type if possible.  You can substitute a similar sized airplane for the route. Please add a comment into your ACARS report when submitting the flight. Please check with staff if you are not sure if your substitution is valid.

  • Pilots are asked to Dispatch their flight route on their own.  By this we mean you are to use your own planning tools (Simbrief/PFPX/Etc) and paste the route into the ACARS software.

  • The flight time reported in the ACARS/Pilot Brief is the time from block to block; that is, from Off block/pushback to On blocks/Engines Shut.

  • Landing Rates:  Everyone has a different opinion about landing rates, and depending on the simulator you use there is a wide variety of rates pilots could archive. With this in mind VirtualLH takes the following policy on landing rates:

    • New Pilots will be given up a 3 flight grace period as they get to know the website and ACARS system.  Landing Rates will be forgiven.  

    • The hard limit for all pilots is any landing in excess of -750FPM which will result in a PIREP rejection and the following warning: 

      • Your Flight (Flight #) has been rejected due to a landing rate which is considered damaging to the airplane. Please contact any member of staff if there is anything we can do to help you. 

    • Landings between -550 to -750 will result in a note from staff which will have the following warning: 

      • Your last flight (Flight #)  has been tentatively approved; however, the landing rate was considerably hard.   Please contact any member of staff if there is anything we can do to help you. 

    • Landings between 0 to -550 will be approved. 

    • Landing Awards: 

      • Pilots with a landing between 0 to -20 will receive a pilot award 

      • Pilots with a landing between -20 to -50  will receive a pilot award

      • Pilots with a landing of exactly -160 will receive a pilot award



Section 3 - Pilot Rank and Promotion Process

  • All pilots who sign up will be assigned the rank of Co-Pilot.   

    • VirtualLH does recognize hours accumulated with another virtual airline. The maximum hours that can be transferred is 50.  Please provide a screenshot from your other airline showing your name and hours to the staff at ( or on Discord.

  • Once a pilot has enough hours for a promotion, the admin staff will update your rank in the system manually to the next step.  If you surpass a milestone and we do not update your rank, please send an email to the staff at ( or on Discord.

  • The ranks at VirtualLH and restrictions are as follows: 

    • Co-Pilot  (0 - 25 hours) - restricted to small and medium fleets

    • First Officer (25-50 hours) - restricted to small/medium/long range fleets
      Co-Pilot fleet plus A330/B763

    • Captain (50 - 100 Hours)  - Full Fleet, No Restrictions, Captain Award

    • Senior Captain (100 - 500) - Full Fleet, No Restrictions, Senior Captain Award

    • Captain Instructor (500+) - Full Fleet, No Restrictions, Captain Instructor Award


Section 4 - Online Multiplayer Networks & Representing VirtualLH

Flying on online networks such as VATSIM and IVAO is great for experience!  The realism is turned right up when you are flying with ATC. 

When flying a VirtualLH route on any online network we would greatly appreciate it if you can have the following tag in your flight plan remarks:   /OPR

Pilots are allowed to reference VirtualLH on any online service however we do ask that you follow the rules of services and act in a professional manner. Any reports to staff of abuse on any service while dawning the VirtualLH banner will result in an immediate suspension, investigation, and possible ban from our service.   

Basically, Be Professional, Humble, and Be Nice :)  



Section 5 -  Tours and Events 

Virtual LH will attempt to have 1 Tour active at a time. A tour is a grouping of flights that a pilot can take an airplane on a trip based on a theme.  All pilots are allowed to participate and should read the how-to document to understand booking, completing, and reporting a tour flight. All tours will have a badge assigned to the pilot upon completion. 


Staff and Pilots are encouraged to participate in events on any platform as VirtualLH. 

  • Please use the Event-Chat channel on Discord to advertise or chat during an event. 

  • Ensure that your event has a matching route in our datebase.  If the database does not have the route please reach out to staff at ( or on Discord.

  • When flying a VirtualLH route on any online network we would greatly appreciate it if you can have the following tag in your flight plan remarks:   /OPR

  • Some events will have a pilot award at the end (IE: VATSIM Cross the Pond)