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 Registration proccess

Register as Virtual LH pilot

Welcome to the Virtual LH! We are happy to have you join our team and fly with us! Before we get started you will need to take a brief test with 10 questions based on aviation knowledge. The minimum score is 70%.

We encourage you to read the Rules of VirtualLH here to ensure that you know what is expected of you as a Pilot after signup: Rules

By taking the test you are agreeing to our rules in the link above.

To access the test you need to register on the Virtual LH Academy by clicking on the link below and then on "Entrance exam." Once you have received your confirmation email you can enter your username and password and begin the test.

Successful completion of the test will enroll you into VirtualLH. Your credentials will be emailed to you as soon as a staff member is available.

Notice: This process will be supervised by the staff of the airline and ensure the protection of user data involved in it. Virtual LH staff reserves the right to refuse admission of applications for this process.