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How to Setup ACARS

Welcome to VirtualLH

This is the guide for getting started at VirtualLH.

Before we begin, it is really important to have a look at our Virtual Airlines Rules HERE.  

Video of this guide is HERE

Simulator Prep - FSX/P3D

For both FSX and P3D you will need to install the FSUIPC module that can be downloaded HERE. FSX requires version 4.971 and P3D uses version 5.152 (or higher)

Once you have downloaded the file you will need to extract installer and start the setup.




*Windows 10 users, you will need to Right Click on the installer and select “Run As Administrator”


Follow the prompts in the installer until you get to the registration stage.

If you have purchased a license you can enter it here.  
Otherwise click Cancel for the free version.


You are now ready for the ACARS. You can verify that FSUIPC installed by launching FSX/P3D, starting a flight, and clicking the Addon’s menu.

Simulator Prep – Xplane 11

For Xplane 11 you will need a plugin called XPUIPC – similar to FSUIPC for P3D. XPUIPC can be downloaded HERE.

Download the plugin by clicking here on the webpage linked above.


Unzip the plugin.



When complete you will have 2 items:  a folder called XPUIPC and a program called XPWideClient.

You will not need XPWideClient if you are running the ACARS and Sim on the same computer.

Right click the XPUIPC folder and select CUT.

You will need to paste this folder into your Xplane’s Plugins folder.

The location of your Xplane Install will vary depending on how you installed Xplane.

If you need any help finding this please reach out to our staff who can provide tips to find it.

Once you find the main install folder for xplane you will drop this plugin into:




Next open the XPUIPC folder and select the file XPUIPC.ini and open it in Notepad.

Change the line Server Address =  to be  Server Address =

Save and close the file.

You are now ready for the ACARS. You can verify that XPUIPC installed by launching Xplane, starting a flight, and clicking the Plug-In menu.

Downloading and Configuring SimACARS

Start by downloading the VirtualLH SimACARS by clicking HERE

Extract the files

Move the SimACARS folder to someplace where it can permanently live (C:/) and create a shortcut to SimACARS by going into the folder and Right Clicking on SimACARS.exe and select Create Shortcut.

The shortcut will appear in the folder and you can move this onto your desktop for easy access.

Open SimACARS, and click on "Virtual Airlines Settings"
1)  Fill out your username / password
2)  Airline Name is  
Virtual LH 

3)  VA ICAO  is   DLH

4)  VA ACARS URL  is

5)  Weight Unit  is  Kg

Then Click OK