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Virtual LH is a Virtual Airline,

Created in 2013, Virtual LH is committed to being a friendly and fun community for beginner and advanced flight simulation pilots.

Our timetable contains 333,639 flights drawn from the real-world routes based on a popular airlines and Alliance partner programs.

We have 21,645 airplanes in our database which represents the active airplanes flying for our 176 airlines in real life.

Using our Web Interface and Custom VLHACARS software, your flight experience is logged and reported. The website will keep a record of your flights for your log book and as your experience grows so does your access to the larger fleet and higher pilot ranks.

VirtualLH has a Discord community where pilots can chat about current sim events as well as troubleshooting and learning. We offer Tours where you can take an airplane on a set number of flights starting at one of our hubs and going all around the world to discover our timetable. Virtual LH Pilots also come together and participate in Events online with VATSIM and IVAO.

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123 Pilots
21,645 Airplane Registrations
115 Airlines
333,639 Routes Availible
29,957 Flights flown by VLH pilots

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